1 Sep 2010: Support for DotNet 1.1. Withdrawn

Ok, its been a long time coming; but Composure no longer runs under Dot.Net 1.1.

28 Jul 2010: Site Search Fragment added

Composure now has an indexing site search fragment. This is a variation on a DataFragment where the data is found by searching against a site index.

4 Dec 2009: Multpile Content Blocks

Composure now supports multiple content blocks on a single page. This is done by adding a {Page.Content(block name)} token to the page template.

4 August 2008: Site Publishing added.

Composure is now capable of editing on a staging site and then deploying to a live site. The publishing feature only uploads the content files that have been changed, meaning that the publication may be as quick as a few seconds.

25 November 2008: Textile Fragment added.

A Textile Fragment has been added for those who prefer using the Textile Markup Language to edit the content.

Welcome to Composure CMS

Composure is a modern web-based Content Management System (CMS) which is flexible, powerful and very easy to use.

Key Features:

  • Web based editing and management tools.
  • CSS based design and 100% valid Html.
  • Multiple page templates allowed.
  • Design and Content are managed separately.
  • Design is uploaded as a single Zip file. No FTP access required.
  • No database required. Each page is a static .html page.*

* Pages are static .html pages whenever possible, however if you add any dynamic elements to a page it will automatically become an aspx page.